The Museum complex

House Zworykin

Pervomayskaya, 4 - closed for visitors

The oldest museum building - a three-storey stone house with a mezzanine merchants Zworykin. Here was born and spent his youth a renowned scholar, "the father of television", Vladimir K. Zworykin. At the house is a memorial plaque in his honor. July 31, 2013 a monument to the famous countryman at his native house (the sculptor Paul Schelov).

Since 2011, the building is closed to the public. The museum's collections are prepared to move into the building of a new storage facility (Sovetskaya str., 16). On the estate are working on the reconstruction of agricultural buildings and the laying of engineering systems.


Art Gallery

Pervomayskaya, 6

Art Gallery - a monument to the history of the XIX century, the former City Government. Since 1996, it employs the exhibition "Russian and zapadnoevropeyskore art XVII-XX centuries.". It is based on a collection of Count Uvarov, came to the museum from their estates in the village Karacharovo under Murom.

The building is located in the same reading room of the library of the museum with a collection of rare books, store photos and documents collections, scientific archive.


Exhibition center

Moscovskaya, 13 - The Administration Of The Museum

The former home of merchants Golubev is located on the corner of Moskovskaya street and the ascension square. This is one of the most beautiful houses in Murom. The Central part of the main southern facade is highlighted by six columns of the ionic order, and two high porches separated by an archway leading into the inner courtyard. Looking at the ascension Church in the West facade extraordinary with inserts trafaretnyj picture Windows in the traditional Moore a grid of rectangular window openings.Now in the exhibition centre of the Murom Museum housed a permanent exhibition "treasures of ancient Murom" and "City and citizens" and 1-2 temporary exhibitions.


Restoration and Storage Centre

Sovetskaya, 16 - closed for renovations

Located in the Central part of the city at the intersection of two streets Soviet and Leo Tolstoy (Victory square). Two-storey stone house of big ceramic brick on a rubble Foundation with a high brick plinth, tiled with shaped white stone, presumably built in 1880-1882. the name of the architect could not be established; judging by the fairly simple solution of facades and traditional plans, all were solved by communication masters with a team of builders. The land and the house probably belonged to a hereditary citizen Alexandra Kazan. In 1915 the building became the Russian commercial-industrial Bank. In the Museum collections there are two photographs of the early twentieth century with the image of the Bank building. In 2014 the building was transferred to the Museum under the facility.

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