An evening of memories at a new exhibition

31 August in the Exhibition centre of the Murom Museum opened the exhibition dedicated to the memory of well-known Murom artists Michael Levin and Aleksandra Mukhacheva.

New acquisitions of the Museum

Recently held a regular meeting of the stock-purchasing Commission of the Museum. For inclusion in the collection of the Museum was presented with the documents of the great Patriotic war, Board games, and even complex items related to the child's doctor A. G. Mladov.

And we have in the yard...

In connection with the repair work to strengthen the Foundation of the former garage of the Murom Museum from early July to the present time with NIAB "Artifact" archaeological research has been conducted.

Birthday Zworykin

On 30 July, the birthday of the inventor, the Museum staff laid flowers to the monument

Our Zworykin

July 25, in the Murom Museum in the exhibition "muromskaya old. City and Citizens" was a new "Museum ENVIRONMENT", dedicated to the day of birth of our famous countryman Vladimir K. Zworykin.

Winning the grant competition

The project of the Murom Museum "near space. The evolution of dreams" was the winner of the grant contest of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation "Museum 4.0" Fund "Museum without borders".

Lecture about the saints Peter and Fevronia

Welcome to the Museum Wednesday, July 4, in the Exhibition center (Moscow, 13) for the lecture O. A. Sukhova, "Images of saints Peter and Fevronia in ancient art."

Boats on the Oka

Beauty Eye this year does not want to allow numerous lovers of river cruises in Moore.

"The Museum environment" by "Murom palette"

June 20, in the Murom Museum hosted another "the Museum ENVIRONMENT" at the exhibition "muromskaya palette". Guests and participants were the students of Children's art school named after I. S. Kulikov, who decided to spend an unusual open air.

Volunteer shift

In full swing at the Museum is volunteer shift.

Young Ilya Muromets in Murom

Completed the first half of June. The tourist season is in full swing.

Acquiring knowledge – improving the quality of work

Recently, the Museum held another methodological study – lecture on "Paganism in Christianity" chief research officer Y. M. Smirnov.