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And we have in the yard...


In connection with the repair work to strengthen the Foundation of the former garage of the Murom Museum from early July to the present time with NIAB "Artifact" archaeological research has been conducted.

On the outer and inner perimeter of the building laid the trench width is 1 meter. In the study of the cultural layer is found about 200 individual finds from different periods, ranging from ancient Russian time (XII-XIII centuries). They are glass and metal jewelry, household items, items of Christian metal, coins XV-XIX centuries, trading seal of the pre-Mongol period, and many others. We have also studied closed systems, partially caught in a trench. They are represented by three underground dwellings of the XII-XIII century and two eighteenth-century In one of the buildings of the XVIII century, dated by coins, level wooden flooring and discovered the remains of the tiled stove that burned in the fire. Discovered complexes provide new information about the topography of the ancient city of Murom, and the findings allow us to securely date the remains of these buildings.

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