The action "Museum for everyone! Day of inclusion"

03 ноября 2017 г.

2 Dec Murom Museum joins the nationwide "Museum for everyone! Day of inclusion" and offers a tour-game "world Of Antiques" in the exhibition "muromskaya old. City and citizens".

Here, children will get acquainted with the things that people used to do every day, in the 18th and 19th centuries, and learn, for example, what and how the houses were lit, what the townspeople dressed up, as it was customary to lay them on the table and what kinds of activities the Murom merchants were fond of. After the excursion and examination of the exposition, the children will be divided into teams and a game starts in the museum lotto. The team that won (and without errors!) Will fill its card will win. The excursion is designed for senior preschoolers and primary schoolchildren. The tour begins at 12:00. Participation in the corporation is free, but preliminary recording is necessary. To make it it is possible by phone: (49234) 3-35-47 - excursion department of a museum.