Audio guide to Murom

12 мая 2017 г.

In the Night of museums we will present the audioguide for the city of Murau, based on the memories of the townspeople. He appeared with the project "Sentimental journey".

His voice helped students Murom: mark such famous, Yegor Balashov, Danila Uvakin, Mikhail Kopytin, Stephen Fomin, Valery Kulikov, Daria Goncharova and Ilya Bogomolov. Their voices "talking" inventor of television Vladimir Kuzmich Zworykin, circus artist Dmitry Sergeevich Alparov, local historian Nikolay Gavrilovich Dobrynkin, a banker Vsevolod V. Stratonov, the realist George S. hares, a spokeswoman for the ancient Murom merchant families Nadezhda Petrovna Vasenina-Kiseleva, artist Peter Ivanovich celebrovsky, the head of the fire brigade Murom Vladimir Makarovich Emelyanov.

To use the audio guide, you need to install on your mobile phone app izi.TRAVEL. You can download the whole guide on the phone in advance and then travel through the city you will not need mobile Internet.