Competition of drawings "Culture on the planet"

12 мая 2017 г.

Murom historical and art Museum
in the year of the environment announces the drawing competition "Culture on the planet."

The purpose of the contest is to attract the attention of the citizens of Murom to the problems of preservation of the environment, increase environmental awareness of children, education of social and environmental responsibility.

The conditions of competition

1.1. On competition are accepted the drawings on the nominations, closely related to the environment:
– "Healthy planet";
– "History" (endangered and recently extinct natural objects, animals);
– propaganda posters calling for conservation.
1.2. Requirements for execution of works:
– the size of drawings not less than 20x30 cm (A4) and not more than 30x40 cm (A3). Drawings can be done on paper, cardboard, drawing paper the technique of drawing with colored pencils, pastels, crayons, watercolour, gouache;
– the picture may be accompanied by a brief text description of the author's ideas.
Work that does not meet the stated requirements, as well as copies will not be considered. We do not accept works made from clay, unbaked clay, and also using materials that may crumble (grain, sand, sawdust, glitter, etc.).
1.3. The participants guarantee that they are the authors of the presented papers and give the contest organizers the right to process their personal data, right to publish work in information materials on the Museum's website and in the official groups of the Museum in social networks, to place the works in the exhibition in the Museum.

2.1. To participate in the competition invited children aged 5 to 14 years inclusive, pupils of kindergartens, secondary schools and art schools, complementary education institutions, boarding schools and orphanages, etc.

3.1. Submissions will be accepted until may 16, 2017, the results of the competition are announced during the action "Night of museums" on may 20, 2017

4.1. Each work should be signed on the back where indicated: name, surname and age of the author, title of work and year of its creation, the establishment; the surname, name, patronymic of the teacher, phone number. Children's comments on the artworks are welcomed.
4.2. Submissions will be accepted without a frame and Passepartout.
4.3. From the individual participants, no more than one job.
4.4. Works on competition are accepted in the Exhibition center of the Museum at the address: Moskovskaya St., 13 daily from 10:00 to 17:00 h, exhibition Department, Murom historical and art Museum.
4.5. Work will not be returned.

5.1. Work are estimated by the competitive Commission:
- Albina Alekseevna Anoshkina, Director of the Museum;
- Valentina Fedorovna Chumakov, head of the exhibition Department of the Museum;
- Konstantin Aleksandrovich Lyapin, a member of the Union of artists of Russia;
- Vladimir Chumakov, a member of the Union of artists of Russia;
- Kulagina Elena, the main artist of the Murom historical and art Museum.
5.2. Award winners with letters of thanks and gifts will take place during the action "Night of museums" on may 20, 2017.
5.2. The best works will be on show in the Exhibition center of the Museum, published on the official pages of the Museum in social networks, as well as on the Museum's website.
6.1. Information about the contest is posted on the website "Murom historical and art Museum": on the official pages of the Museum in Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram.

Telephone for information: (49234) 3-35-47; 3-31-52, email: (marked "for competition").

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