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A joint project

20 марта 2018

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"We are the successors of cultural traditions in the city of Murom" – the so-called social project of MBDOU "kindergarten №62" in conjunction with the museums of Murom.

During the project, children are introduced to stored in museums cultural and historical heritage and trying to interpret it.

Murom historical and art Museum are actively involved in the implementation of the project. Have three pupils of the kindergarten with their teacher Lesovoy Irina Alekseevna visited the Museum.

The first meeting was held in the fall of 2017, young visitors came to the excursion "Hello, Museum" at the Art gallery. The second was held in the Exhibition center at the exhibition of the artist Ordzhonikidze Izmaylov. Talked about the artist, his works represented in the halls of the technique of creating pictures. The guys were in awe of the striking and monumental paintings. It also mastered the new technique of watercolor lexography. Own masterpieces to take home, apparently to teach parents.

The third time the children and staff of the Museum have already met as true friends-the Museum in the exhibition "muromskaya old. City and citizens". Talked a lot, carefully and intently studied the display of items, and even played Museum bingo "From the world of Antiques".

This meeting is not the last in the Museum much more interesting.

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