The participants were fifteen high school students: Pauline Look, Diana Patkina, Veronica Andesine and Svetlana Mikheeva (Lyceum № 1); Anna Snatkina, Elena and Yana Moreva Rassadina (school №16); Artem Teterin and Nikita Filkov (school №15); Olga Borunova (school №3); Alena Ershova (Akimenko-suburban school); Kryukov Alina and Alina Katkova (school # 19), Anastasia Beznogova and Nadezhda Orlova (school №12).

The curator and inspiration of the volunteer movement became the main guardian of the Murom historical and art Museum, Marina G. Ukolova. Under her supervision, made from two sites of the Museum: the Art gallery (St. Pervomayskaya 4) and Exhibition center (Moskovskaya St., 13). Volunteers worked together with the curators of collections of photographs and documents, rare books, libraries, scientific archives Love I. Glushchenko, Elena Aleksandrovna Vasil, Love the p. Gladkova and Elena Yurievna Lemmas.

During the work the volunteer shift achieved impressive results: scanned 630 rare books; photographed 606 large print editions Murom typography; ordered the systematic catalogues for the Museum's library (1617 POS); 274 made paper envelope for storage of small items; in the scientific archive of the compiled lists of photos and documents of participants of the great Patriotic war, compiled by the archival inventory of the 11 funds (a total of 689 documents).

I want to remind that from October, the Museum will re-start practice-oriented classes in the program "I Want to work at the Museum." We invite activists, school museums and everyone!