Exhibition of Murom artists

01 августа 2017 г.

On 4 August at 16:00 in the Exhibition center of the Museum (Moscow, 13) will take place opening of an art exhibition to mark the 15th anniversary of the Nonprofit partnership "Murom artists" and the 30th anniversary of Artistic and creative workshops.

In 2017 the 15th anniversary of the Nonprofit partnership "Murom artists" and 30 years of artistic and creative workshops. To these dates non-profit partnership organizes a retrospective exhibition in the halls of the Exhibition centre of the Murom historical and art Museum.

30 years ago, in 1987, a group of artists asked the city authorities to give them an abandoned building owned by the Pischetorg. The fact that some informal group assumes the responsibility for the sacred for the Soviet people for a whole industrial plant was to late 80-ies, especially for a small town, in fact out of the ordinary. We must pay tribute to the then leadership of the city, which decided to take this extraordinary step. The former shop of soft drinks Murom distillery did not fit in with the creative workshops. Artists on their own organized a major renovation of the house, had a Central heating system in the building that it could work painters and graphic, wood-carvers, masters of decorative-applied arts, painters. About this "Playground culture" you can talk about new non-governmental institutions, and as an example of filling with a new content of industrial heritage. For Muscovites iconic names will be Artpley, Brewery, Art-Strelka, Factory and others. For Moore's "lemonade shop on Lenin, 60".

15 years ago, in 2002, it was decided to create a non-commercial partnership "Murom artists". The partnership actively participates in the cultural life of the city and other regions of the country. Partnership members participate in local, regional, national and international exhibitions. Organized solo exhibitions of artists in Murom, Vladimir, and other cities of Russia. The partnership and its members were repeatedly awarded diplomas and letters of thanks of administration of Vladimir and Murom, of the Union of artists of Russia, Murom historical and art Museum, a Folk Art House OKRUGA Murom, Vladimir Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

At the exhibition presents about 80 paintings, graphic and decorative works.