Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian

Hip local church tradition is built on the site of a marching tent of Ivan the Terrible, who stood here during his second campaign against Kazan in July 1552 From Terrible surveyed his troops to cross the Oka. Many different legends about the stay of Tsar Ivan in Murom: the king was ill and miraculously recovered as prayed Murom saints. There is a legend that in Murom to the tent of Ivan the Terrible came two brave blacksmith brother, Cosmas and Damian, and volunteered to swim across the river Oka night ─ scout enemy intentions.

According to historical documents Kozmodemyansk church was built in 1564 at the expense of the wealthy residents of Murom Jacob Konstantinov quarter Sychev and native of Toropets Volodya Klimov.

The beauty and originality of the temple was a high twelve-tent, which had thirty-two faces. In 1868, this stone tent collapsed, and the temple was almost half a century in a dilapidated form a featureless flat surface, and only in 2010 built the metal roof of the tent.

The first stone church tent is the Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye was built in 1532 in honor of the birth of Ivan the Terrible. The supreme achievement of stone tent architecture is St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, better known as St. Basil's Cathedral, built on the Red Square in honor of the Kazan victory.

The scribe books Murom in 1624 and 1636 when the church Kozmodemyansk Set small nunnery. But at the end of the XVII century the monastery is not mentioned, and the church was listed as a parish. When it was warm a small wooden church in the name of the Holy Martyr Catherine. In 1804 the church burned down, and was replaced on the mountain put a new stone church of the Smolensk Mother of God with the Chapel of St. Catherine. The slender bell tower of the Smolensk church rises over the city, being the highest vertical in the urban architecture.

Anna A. Gorskaya Curator of the project